About Us


RórinLo is an independent jewelry brand based in Los Angeles, USA.

Founder and curator Cecilia Lo launched her eponymous jewelry collection in 2021 in hopes of bringing a new sense of vibrancy, uniqueness and playfulness that she saw lacking in the fashion jewelry space. 

Cecilia is devoted to creating an eclectic collection of fashion jewelry that celebrates the marriage of the latest trends and the image of a modern woman; one that is graceful, vibrant, bold, and at the same time brings about a sense of playfulness to the art of accessorizing. 

RórinLo believes in elevating the every day which is why we strive to bring you beautiful luxury fashion pieces at affordable prices. All materials are sourced with the modern woman in mind and are a reflection of the integrity of our brand so you can be confident in the quality of each piece.

The collection is available online exclusively through RórinLo.